Apple iPad theft

iPad and iPhone theft increasing!

Since the launch of the original Apple iPad back in 2010, sales of tablet PC’s have been steadily increasing; with many of us preferring them due to their size, portability and the media capabilities they offer.

From those early days Apple has gone on to further develop the iPad, giving us the iPad 2, the new iPad, iPad mini and the iPad with Retina display…firmly cementing Apple’s position within the tablet marketplace.

With the popularity of Apple iPad’s and the small size of the device comes one unavoidable down-side…thieves want them…in particular they want yours. With an ‘in-demand’ product and good return they are an obvious target for theft…being easy to sell on online auction sites, in addition to other more traditional avenues.

With theft of gadgets on the increase the sensible thing to do is to take out dedicated gadget insurance cover.

It’s easy to purchase low cost iPad insurance for one device or a multi-gadget insurance policy if you have an iPhone, laptop, digital camera or alternative smartphone. With comprehensive iPad insurance starting from only £3.99 a month and savings of up to 15% on multi-gadget insurance cover it’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind it brings. Not to mention the cost to replace or repair a cracked screen or damaged product.